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BBi protects scaffolders with A-rated insurance scheme

Feb 15, 2018


We are one of only a few brokers in the UK that can offer scaffolding and roofing businesses insurance cover from A-rated insurers. Our new scheme builds on our company’s 50-year heritage in these industries and underlines our commitment as an associate member of the Scaffolding Association.


Contractors usually need to prove they have insurance before they are allowed on site and many regard it as a necessary evil. However, not all policies are the same and it is worth taking the time to make sure your insurance will protect if an accident or claim occurs.


Most of us are aware of some tragic accidents that have occurred in the roofing and scaffolding industry. The added risks of working at height and exposure to the elements usually translate into higher insurance premiums and finding the right level of cover can be challenging.


BBi’s new insurance scheme could be the answer. It offers one of the most comprehensive solutions, with no height or depth restrictions and high indemnity limits (£5m as standard but up to £100m can be accommodated). Policies also cover flexible locations and include options for working outside the UK.


We are also offering a free health and safety consultation to identify any risks that can be reduced by investing in new equipment, different procedures or training. As well as contributing to an improved health and safety culture, this process enables BBi to tailor cover to the needs of each business, securing the right protection at the best possible price. 


David Skinner, Managing Director of BBi, comments: “Every business is different. Well run businesses, with good risk management and a proven claims record can reduce their insurance costs without compromising on the quality of cover or quality of the Insurer. There have been a number of un-rated Insurers that have gone out of business in recent years, leaving policyholders having to pay another premium and deal with any third party claims themselves.”


Clients will also benefit from the support of a dedicated account manager, providing one point of contact for all their insurance requirements. BBi can arrange all other corporate and personal cover, including professional indemnity, personal accident and motor insurance. We also employ an in-house claims team to ensure all cases are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.


For more information on Scaffolding Insurance, visit here.


BBi also created an eBook - Scaffolding: A Part of history. Download it here and find out how scaffolding played their part in these building histories:


BBi protects scaffolders with A-rated insurance scheme