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Cyber Insurance

Cyber-attacks and online computer related incidents are on the rise, with 4 out of 5 SMEs reporting e-crime attacks.

BBi Horsham can tailor a policy to your specific needs from the select panel of A rated insurers available to us, offering competitive and comprehensive policies.

Whether it is theft of funds cover, theft of data or damage to digital assets we can provide the proper cover affording you piece of mind that your business has the proper cover in place.

Why choose BBi for Cyber Insurance

A-Rated Insurers

We use a specialised panel of A rated insurers, so you can trust that your cover will be placed with a secure and stable insurer, ensuring that claims payments will be met.

Bespoke policy wordings

Our experience in the market means that we can tailor a policy wording to meet your requirements rather than relying on an “off the shelf” product.

Understanding the Risks

We understand the challenges SME’s face and are perfectly placed to understand the broad range of risks in your business.

What Cyber Risk Cover is right for you

Theft of Funds

Theft of Funds

This is straight forward theft of money from a company’s bank account. As nearly all businesses can now move its money electronically & remotely, criminals no longer need to target physical banks – they target online accounts. If a business has somehow been negligent in allowing this to happen, the bank will not reimburse.

Theft of Data

Theft of Data

Data is valuable; if something has value, it is worth stealing. Seemingly innocuous information such as names & addresses stored on a computer network can be worth a lot more money than you think. With the penalties available now as a result of the introduction of new GDPR legislation, is your business protected?

Damage to Digital Assets

Damage to Digital Assets

Businesses have a high dependency on technology and criminals know it. By damaging or threatening to damage a firm’s digital assets, attackers can extort money from victims who'd prefer to pay a ransom rather than see their business on hold. Even after paying, the victim is often left with systems that are unusable & costly to fix.

Why you need Cyber Crime Insurance

It is a growing concern that many small & medium size businesses feel that cyber insurance is not applicable to them.

The 2017 ISME report included experienced computer related crime, excluding 'Spam' or Phishing' emails (30% of firms affected), virus infections (62% - up from 42%) and theft of company data (5%).

It is worrying that 20% of businesses surveyed do not change their password settings; this is a very simple preventative measure any business can take.

At BBi Horsham we work with you to identify and understand what risks your business may be susceptible to; this helps us tailor a policy to your specific needs, based on the industry you are involved with.

Why use BBi Horsham?

Our Heritage

As Chartered Insurance Brokers, BBi Horsham have the industry knowledge, insurance experience and ease of access to new & exciting markets.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get a dedicated Account Manager, responsible for the management of your cover, giving you one point of contact for all your insurance requirements.

Dedicated Claims Team

Unlike other providers, BBi Horsham employ a dedicated in-house claims team to manage all claims from notifications to settlement ensuring we look after your interests.

Independent with 50+ years' experience

Independent & impartial long standing relationships. With extensive, up to date knowledge of the latest legislation and Health & Safety issues faced by your sector.

Competitive & Exclusive Cover

With our exclusive cover facility, where flexible payment methods are available, you can be sure the policy you receive is market leading & tailored for you.

One Stop Shop

Obtain coverage for the Liability of business, individual vehicle or motor fleet, personal accident, household cover and other exposures you or the business faces.