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Performance Bond Document Checklist

May 3, 2018

To speed up your application, there is set information that you will need to provide in order to get the right bonding for your project.

Surety and financial institutions have different requirements, usually depending on:

  • The capacity of the contractor
  • The volume of the project been ensured
  • And the project degree of difficulty


The documentation checklist:

  1. At least two years of Accountancy-prepared financial accounts or management accounts; no older than 6 months old
  2. A copy of the bond wording from the project owner
  3. Details of the type of work to be undertaken by you within that project.
  4. Application of the surety which details the contract to be undertaken including any retention period
  5. In some cases the Surety may look for details of bank facilities from your bank

Acquiring this information can take time and cost money, but it is imperative before applying for a bond.


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Performance Bond Document Checklist