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Complex Retirement Planning Needs

BBi Financial Planning has a team of experienced, chartered financial planners to assist you.

From straightforward guaranteed income, to the flexibility that will let your money last a lifetime and beyond, we know the products and strategies to help you get the most out of your savings.

Our relationships with experts in tax and trusts mean our service can provide the core solution to your financial needs and goals.

Why choose BBI FP for high value retirement planning?

We are Experienced

We’ve seen it all. Our advisers hold advanced qualifications, maintain the highest ethical standards, and have experience spanning four decades.

Market leading technology

We invest in the UK’s leading financial technology, giving us access to the best research and most reliable tools.

Bespoke plans for you

Nothing is off the table. We can advise on the full range of UK financial products and make sure each one has a purpose in supporting your plan and delivering the life you want.

Why you need a Retirement Plan

Straightforward financial products are good enough for most people, but as a HNW individual, you probably have more complex needs and tax liabilities.

At BBi Financial Planning, our team has experience in a range of retirement strategies and the investment solutions to deliver them.

We will listen to what you want, help you discover what you need, investigate your situation and advise you on any changes you might need to deliver your plan.


Additional benefits of Retirement Planning

Planning is not only about financial products. You might already have an idea of the best thing for you to do.

Retirement is no longer about cashing in your investments, it's about how you're going to invest for the rest of your life.

BBi Financial Planning are independent and unbiased. We can ‘sense check’ your plans by providing a professional second opinion.  Our advice will be impartial and unemotional.


Who should you think about when planning your retirement?

Release your money

Have you saved into a pension? Is now the time to unlock it? Do you know the tax implications of taking your pensions as a single lump sum?


Tax efficient

What sort of pension plan do you have? Some will allow you to take far more tax-free cash from your plan than others. We can help you understand the difference and make the right decision for you.


How much you want vs how much you need

Your money has to last a lifetime (or maybe more), so how much should you spend? We can help you budget, plan and stress-test your finances to identify the risks and opportunities before you.


Inter-generational planning

Do you have children or grandchildren? Tax-efficient planning can help structure your income to include regular gifts, or lump sums on death. If you want your family to benefit from your estate, and not the taxman, give us a call.


Flexibility of income

How much and how often do you need to be paid? What about special events, like birthdays and anniversaries? We can help plan your income payments to meet your needs while leaving room for the occasional treat.


Stay active                                                                                

It's no secret that staying active and busy is the key to a healthy retirement, so what are your plans? You've worked and saved hard for your retirement, well now that time is here. What do you want next out of life, and how can we help you get it?


Why BBi Financial Planning


Our advisers have obtained the highest level of qualification in UK financial services.


Our advisers have seen it all, spanning four decades of experience each.


We use the best tools available to make sure our research is as good as it gets.


We invest heavily in expert compliance support to ensure our staff and processes are always under scrutiny.


We have relationships with tax and legal experts to provide you with a holistic support network.

BBi Group

BBi Financial Planning is a subsidiary of Berns Brett Ltd, part of the BBi Group of Associated Companies.